Toying With Child Development

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

All humans start their lives off as babies. It’s a fact of life that can’t be disproved. Nonetheless, much like puppies and kittens, babies need to develop their skill sets that will help them in life  and this is usually accomplished through the simple means of playing with toys or each other. The act of playing is an essential part of child development and affects not just the development of motor skills but also affects the mental, emotional and social development in children.

Babies are born lacking these skills and spend a certain time period of their lives completely dependent on the parent. During this time period, they can’t walk, they can’t think beyond requiring food, warmth and sleep and they can’t talk. As a child’s body develops, he/she will start to walk, talk and think. When toys are provided for a child however, these actions are triggered more quickly and the child is more likely to grow up as a well rounded individual.

Playing with toys is an essential part of a child’s development and is applicable from infancy to a child. Items like toy teethers, rattles, mobiles etc help infants utilize their senses of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. Toys also help kids work on their hand-eye coordination, recognize color and shape and work out the cause and effect of sound by pressing buttons or dropping their toys. Even stuff toys, which parents choose to overlook, have a purpose. A child can learn the difference in textures and about animals through his/her stuff toys.

Despite the fact that every toy has a purpose, there are many items which are limited to a child due to them not being age appropriate. Giving a child a toy which is not age appropriate can result badly if the child swallows and chokes on some part or hurts himself on it. At a younger age, children are more curious and do not know how to use an item, therefore it is up to the parents to work out which toys will suit their child the most.

More and more parents nowadays are concerned with the development of their children which has given rise to a booming baby toy business. Two such toy companies happen to be CP Toys and Melissa and Doug which cater to the demand of age specific toys for children from infants to 8 year olds.

CP ToysCP Toys was established in 1953 and is a family owned business which provides high quality educational toys for growing kids of all ages. Knowing the curious nature of young toddlers and infants, CP Toys has a vast inventory of items that are classed by age and inspire creativity, fun and learning for growing kids. For kids starting school, CP Toys has many alphabet and counting puzzles which help kids have fun while learning and also provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

Similarly, Melissa and Doug is a toy business run by a couple and was established in 1988. With the launch of their first educational toy called Fuzzy Farm Puzzle, the response received by the toy showed the lack of educational toys in the market and Melissa and Doug now have an inventory of over 2,000 items consisting of educational toys which are age appropriate and promise the best in facilitating a child’s learning and social development. With learning mats, wooden puzzles, play dough molds and other educational toys, Melissa and Doug only offer the best in a child’s development.

Melissa and DougWhen comparing the toys available in either store, it can be seen that they are made to be durable and give your child the right triggers needed for their development and growth. A small warning regarding age suitability at the end of a page ensures that parents are not in the dark and can provide their kids with the proper tools to boost their child’s growth. Although many parents do not seem to see any benefit in purchasing toys and deem it frivolous, it is a proven fact that toys have been provided for kids throughout history.

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