Toys - Child’s Best Friend!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Let’s face it – the best memories we have of our childhood are related to some of our toys.  Toys and playthings shape up a great part of a kid’s life and are their first source for both entertainment and knowledge. Playtime is the best learning ground for a kid and it is here that they learn about people, emotions, and feelings. In short, children learn about their whole lifestyle through their toys.

Whatever toys you choose for your little ones, they will always have a significant effect on their psychological development and thinking ability. Not only do toys gauge their mental, physical and emotional understanding, but also influence a kid’s social development with time.

Wooden Toys
Toys are usually the first medium through which a child displays their knack of learning, creative flair and likes and dislikes. Young children are always curious and keen to explore new things, and toys prove to be their talismans in making playtime fun, thrilling and engaging!

You may have noticed that young tots often talk and walk their toys, which increases their attention span and helps them show what they have learnt from their surroundings. Even newborns and infants respond to the color, feel and sound of toys and prove to be a great way to capture their attention and keep them engrossed.

Cute baby
Toys also bring out the creative talents of kids and help them translate their fantasies and thoughts. Thus, toys serve as the foundation on which the child’s entire psychological growth and development is based upon.

All this of course increase the pressure on parents regarding the selection of the perfect toys for their adorable babies. Keep the following points in mind when shopping for quality toys and provide your kid the perfect platform to learn, experiment, and have tons of fun!

Which Type of Toys You Should Choose?
When it comes to choosing the perfect toys for your little one, let your imagination run wild! For very young kids, it is appropriate to get a vast collection of toys with different functions and varieties so that your kid can ascertain what attracts them the most. Though playthings like dolls, cars, furry animals and wheeled toys are popular options, it is also important that you add certain learning toys that let your kids imagine and get creative! Building blocks in different colors and sizes are a great option in this regard.

Playful Dad
For slightly older kids, monitor closely what are their interests and what attracts them, and then choose the appropriate toys for them! Also, the age and gender of your child will matter; it is best you ask your kids for their opinion and thus choose something that is both appealing and exciting for them!

The Color and the Material
Color is the first thing that attracts a toy to a child. Bright and vividly colored toys are some of the best options to go for. Also, keep in mind the material and shape of the toy you choose. Young kids often put their toys into their mouth, so it is important that you choose a quality too made of safe material without any pointy sides.

The Sound

The sound and the HobbyTronmovement that a toy makes have a particularly significant effect on infants and newborns. Such toys speed up the reflex reactions of little kids and make them more prone and aware about their surroundings. Hanging moving toys over your child’s sleeping cot and seeing them follow the movement and respond with their hands and feet will set your face alight with happiness! Toys with alluring and captivating sounds also pique up the sensory feelings of infants and help them develop their senses more quickly and effectively.

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